Sep 2016

Corporate portal for diamond mining company

Technologies: SharePoint
Corporate portal for diamond mining company
Implementation of a corporate portal using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for an international diamond mining company with more than 30 thousand employees.


The client is an international diamond mining company with more than 30 thousand employees. Their old corporate portal was running on an outdated version of Microsoft SharePoint 2007. That made it hard to support and nearly impossible to improve. The users didn’t like using it, because it was slow and didn’t help them to be productive.

Businessware Technologies’ analysts assessed the situation and concluded that the most effective way to resolve that small IT crisis would be to implement a new portal using the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint available at the moment.

The new portal was implemented and deployed on Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Our designers created modern design that corresponded to the company’s brand book. Our developers created new applications to replace the old ones. They preserved the familiar interface structure so that the users wouldn’t have to learn how to use the applications in the new portal.

One of the modules was completely rebuilt using new technology capabilities. The module was responsible for issuing and managing visitors permits for accessing offices, warehouses, mines, and other company locations with restricted access.

The new module supported use of mobile phones for permit requests and approvals, and recognition scanners at the remote locations where the permits were presented by the visitors.

The implementation of the new corporate portal has significantly increased users performance and employees engagement. The internal company communications were improved as well, which was also one of the project goals.