Oct 2016

RMA portal for Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Technologies: SharePoint
RMA portal for Mitsubishi Electric Power Products
The RMA portal allows clients to approve and follow all stages of maintenance and shipping of their equipment via personal area.


As Mitsubishi produces many different electric power products, some of equipment break down during the exploitation. The RMA portal allows clients to follow all stages of maintenance and shipping of repaired equipment via portal. Clients are also notified by email on every change in maintenance: i.e. client knows if the equipment still on expertise or in the repairing.

RMA portal was built as a section of existing corporate SharePoint portal. Therefore the RMA portal was implemented in a short period of time.

RMA portal stores complete history of maintenance works for all clients and all types of equipment. It allows analysts to create reports based on the history of repair requests. The company could find soft spots in its equipment, which could be targeted for improvement on manufacturing stage.