Oct 2012
Content Management System

A CMS for information portals and e-commerce websites for small business. More than 500 custom websites have been built based on it. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jul 2008
Internal Procurement Workflow system

A workflow system designed to support a complex approval cycle for internal projects in a global aluminium production entrprise. Unlimited flexibility in building of custom approval sycles, multilingual support, financial analysis tools. Details

Technologies: .NET
Aug 2006
Guest House chain booking managements system

The system to collect and manage requests of stay at hospital as patient or guest. Ability to set location and room available, gather Check-in and checkout as well as financial information and printing an invoice. The system incorporates administration are and significant set of reports. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jun 2006
Hierarchical CRM system with support of mass emailing

The system has 3 levels of hierarchy: Home Office Headquarters, Area Director and Franchisee. The system is mostly used by home interior decorating companies. Each user has an access to the contacts database of underlying users. The system has functionality of scheduling the Decorators/Installers to the appointment with the customers, tracking financial data, data import/export, reporting, and mass mailing functionality. Details

Technologies: .NET
Tags: ASP SQL Server
Sep 2005
Real estate company web site

Real estate catalog with advanced search and subscription for new data matching the criteria. Automated data loading from external sources. Site support has been provided for 7 years. Details

Technologies: .NET
Tags: C# ASP SQL Server
Mar 2005
Special analysis tool for Police agencies

A web-based system for police to collect and analyze graffity incidents and develop anti-graffiti strategies. It provides an intelligent searching of incident records, automatic linking of similar incidents, notifications of new incidents based on user-defined filters and other functions improving the productivity of agency's staff. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jan 2005
A simple social network

Just Between Friends is an online service that is intended to help users manage their friends, families, and holiday events. Upon signing up for JBF memberships, users can access their account and begin adding families, individuals, and their important holidays to their account. Details

Technologies: .NET
Sep 2004
E-commerce solution

E-commerce website with an advanced channel -based price management. Online credit card processing implemented using Verisign Payflow Pro. Details

Technologies: .NET
Tags: ASP SQL Server
Jul 2004
E-commerce system

An online ordering system for PC's, Laptops, Printers, and other computer accessories. Includes full cycle of order processing, price channels and schemas management, product series, etc. Details

Technologies: .NET