Jul 2015
Central Point

Rebuilding the cloud storage with cutting edge Microsoft technologies Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET
Nov 2013
Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard is an analysis tool that allows users to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as detailed data from different data sources like MS SQL, Oracle or even OLAP cubes. Details

Technologies: .NET
Aug 2012
PSM (Public Safety Management)

PSM Family is a group of applications designated specially for US police agencies. PSM Family’s main users are police dispatchers and field officers. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Mar 2012
Luggage delivery system

Orders management system integrated with airlines system allowing to track luggage delivery status. Details

Technologies: .NET
Apr 2014
Internal event management system

Simple online event management system. Details

Technologies: .NET
Feb 2014
Pharmacy Claim Repricing System

A web based Silverlight utility for tracking pharmacy bills, providers and clients for health insurance company. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jan 2014
Invoice Reconciliation System

The system is used to process the data that is sent by preferred provider organization (PPO) in a bulk files monthly. The purpose is to reconcile invoices sent to a company from PPO’s with what company believes the charges should be. Details

Technologies: .NET
Sep 2013
Mobile application for bank's customers

A bank application providing information about bank's services. It allows to access bank's news, exchange rates and facilities location on a map and its detailed information like opening hours, services provided and so on. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET Mobile
Jul 2013
Gross Margin calculator with reports

Specialized tool for recruitment company's call centre allowing to calculate and report its Gross Margin data. The system works with real US taxes and types of employment and provides flexible settings. Details

Technologies: SharePoint .NET