Aug 2017
Vendors Assessment System

The system supports the process of the Vendors and related affiliates assessment (including financial risks, reputation etc.). Details

Technologies: .NET
May 2017
3D tooth scans and models exchange system

The purpose of the system is to automate the handling and exchange of tooth scans and 3D models between Dental Company from USA and remote implant constructing laboratories. Details

Technologies: .NET
Oct 2016
Pharmaceutical Company Secondary Sales Planning System

The system is purposed for the secondary sales planning all over the single country, involving all of the drugs and different sales channels. Details

Technologies: .NET
Aug 2015
CEAHP (Cloud-based Enterprise Applications Hosting Platform)

Distributed and easily scalable platform for various business applications hosting. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET
Aug 2015
CMA (Contracts Management Application)

CMA is the application which is purposed for easy and powerful contracts management, including review, signature and approve. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET
Aug 2012
PEP (Pontevedra Exchange Platform)

Online oil goods market for South and Central American companies. Details

Technologies: .NET
Dec 2014
Mobile application for club

Information application for club providing consumers with news, programs, discounts and club's restaurant menu. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET Mobile
Nov 2014
Back Office System For Job Vacancy Data

Back office solution for vacancy website allowing to register company with detailed information including its sub-branches. Sub-branches can inherit parts of data from parent. The system provides company data import when creating a new job vacancy. Details

Technologies: .NET
Feb 2014
Online Delivery Tenders system

A system for organizing online tenders on large cargo delivery using railroads and ships. It provides consumers with notifications on tender rounds terms, determines best offers and collects various statistics. Details

Technologies: .NET