Mar 2017
Personal Wellness Application

Wellness application helps users define wellness programs and execute them to achieve user goals. This fitness app makes working out fun thanks to thorough gamification. It has been designed for a proprietary Bluetooth LE device. It includes smart analytics module and a huge library of predefined exercises, workouts, images, video and 3D models. Details

Technologies: Cloud Mobile
Apr 2017
Mobile luggage delivery application

Mobile app to help couriers deliver suitcases from airport to the passengers. Details

Technologies: Mobile
Dec 2014
Mobile application for club

Information application for club providing consumers with news, programs, discounts and club's restaurant menu. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET Mobile
May 2014
Mobile time tracker with reporting tool

Mobile app for woodworking company allowing to monitor the work of employees for each project. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Mar 2014

Geosocial network Aether with idea to read the thoughts of people around. Its working principle is as follows: depending on the user rating, calculated taking into account the number of likes and dislikes, his messages have a certain covering radius. The message could be seen by users in this radius only. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Sep 2013
Mobile application for bank's customers

A bank application providing information about bank's services. It allows to access bank's news, exchange rates and facilities location on a map and its detailed information like opening hours, services provided and so on. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET Mobile