Aug 2017
Vendors Assessment System

The system supports the process of the Vendors and related affiliates assessment (including financial risks, reputation etc.). Details

Technologies: .NET
May 2017
3D tooth scans and models exchange system

The purpose of the system is to automate the handling and exchange of tooth scans and 3D models between Dental Company from USA and remote implant constructing laboratories. Details

Technologies: .NET
Oct 2016
Pharmaceutical Company Secondary Sales Planning System

The system is purposed for the secondary sales planning all over the single country, involving all of the drugs and different sales channels. Details

Technologies: .NET
Nov 2017
New Website for Electrical Equipment Company

In November 2017, Businessware Technologies unveiled a brand-new website for a division of a large international corporation with headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. The division is responsible for the production of industrial electrical equipment. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jun 2013
Training application for iPad

HTML application designed specifically for iPad to help sales representatives' training. Details

Technologies: Mobile
Tags: HTML
Mar 2005
Special analysis tool for Police agencies

A web-based system for police to collect and analyze graffity incidents and develop anti-graffiti strategies. It provides an intelligent searching of incident records, automatic linking of similar incidents, notifications of new incidents based on user-defined filters and other functions improving the productivity of agency's staff. Details

Technologies: .NET