Nov 2013
Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard is an analysis tool that allows users to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as detailed data from different data sources like MS SQL, Oracle or even OLAP cubes. Details

Technologies: .NET
Aug 2012
PSM (Public Safety Management)

PSM Family is a group of applications designated specially for US police agencies. PSM Family’s main users are police dispatchers and field officers. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Jul 2013

Unofficial iPhone, iPad and Android mobile client for Microsoft Office OneNote. Details

Technologies: Cloud .NET Mobile
Sep 2011
Law database

The system provides law catalog management - creating, editing and publishing. The database is exposed by web site with advanced search and laws catalog features. Details

Technologies: .NET
Jun 2010
Publishing Solution

Publishing support system, allowing to manage Articles, Ads, CMS entities, and to assign Articles/Ads to magazine pages. The system has an online representation and layout pre-generation to InDesign file capability. Details

Technologies: .NET
Oct 2009
Network equipment management system

A client-server solution that allows to track and manage a network equipment within the LAN. Details

Technologies: .NET
Tags: .NET WinForms