Large document workflow optimization

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Large document workflow optimization

Document management systems are important for any business, even more so for large companies that manage thousands of documents daily. These processes are not only highly complex, but highly individual which calls for custom software development. At Businessware Technologies, we have successfully developed document management systems for companies from various industries.


Process large amounts of data

A fast operating document management systems that store, manage and, if needed, edit your data in matter of seconds. We develop systems that not only work for you at the moment, but are also scalable to work with larger amount of data.

Data unification

We work with any and all data formats, converting them to a unified format if needed. Data unification leads to a standardised document collection that is easily reachable from different devices, as well as easy to use since all your documents are already ina format you need.

Smart business processes

Having worked with large enterprises, we have a deep insight into how your document workflow can be automated most efficiently. We analyse your processes first to provide the best solution to your problems. You get a document system perfectly tailored to your needs.

Effective communication

We develop systems that incorporate human interaction along with document management. Deadline notification systems, department-specific chats, and approval systems are some of the features that can be part of our document flow solutions.

Access rights

Multiple access levels restrict the allowed document manipulation and management. User types and user rights highly depend upon the business processes of your company.

Automated document generation

Generation of documents using other documents or any relevant data.

Complex document processing and generation

Data bank systems

Employee request management systems

Procurement systems

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We have vast experience of developing software solutions to complex business problems. We deeply understand business struggles and the best ways to solve them.
Fully custom software

Fully custom software

We develop fully custom software solutions that are created to solve problems unique to your company. You get full control over the features and decide which are necessary for your workflow.
Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

Using a system designed to perfectly suit your business gives you an advantage over companies who use off-the-shelf solutions. Our systems grow with your business, not the other way round.
Ease of implementation

Ease of implementation

We make sure that our solutions are easy and quick to integrate into your business processes. Seamless transition from the old way of doing things to a new one is our priority.

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