PEP (Pontevedra Exchange Platform)

PEP (Pontevedra Exchange Platform)
Online oil goods market for South and Central American companies.


The main purpose of the system is a trading platform. PEP is the software providing investors and traders with capabilities to place trades and monitor accounts. The system allows using different trading platforms and markets. All system users (traders and investors) are able to receive detailed information about placed transactions. PEP has highly customizable user roles subsystem allowing configuring system behavior according to the needs.


Pontevedra Exchange Platform

PEP uses standard three-tier approach. This is an architectural deployment style that describes the separation of functionality into layers with each segment being a tier that can be located on a physically separate computer. Business tier components are allocated at the logical level only and deployed as part of a web application with user interface components. However, further development of the system may allocate business logic component in a physically separate layer.

  • Data tier
    The data tier is responsible for retrieving, storing and updating the application's data and sending it to the business tier when requested. Data tier is built with Entity Framework technology providing developers with ability to work with data in the form of strongly typed objects. This approach allows providing more transparent and stable solutions and improving reliability of the system.
  • Business layer
    The business tier receives requests from the presentation tier and returns a result to the presentation tier depending on the business logic it contains. It implements most of the functional logic including markets and trading transactions.
  • Presentation layer
    The presentation tier contains the UI (User Interface) elements of the site, and includes all the logic that manages the interaction between the visitor and the client's business. Client is run in the web browser and developed as Web Form application.


Authorization is built over flexible and complex roles subsystem. Communication between user and system occurs over secured HTTPS channel.

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