Luggage delivery system
Mar 2012
Luggage delivery system
Orders management system integrated with airlines system allowing to track luggage delivery status.
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Oct 2011
Balanced Scorecards dashboard
A Balanced Scorecards dashboard for a large investment and financial management company. Scorecards are calculated by virtue of OLAP cubes and reports are delivered via Microsoft SharePoint.
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Sep 2011
Medical coverages maintenance system
Centralized medical coverages maintenance for set of companies on one web site. System allows to generate Reports and Invoices in PDF.
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May 2010
Report generator for accounting system
A report generator module to produce over 1000 reports for a distributed accounting system.
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Apr 2010
Medical Bill Management System
A web based system for bill entry and review, bill repricing, application of State Fee Schedules, UCR prices and other bill review rules.
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Nov 2009
Medical Claim EDI Processing
EDI processing system that is able to process data files from multiple sources through multiple PPOs depending on the selected processing routes.
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Aug 2008
Flexible Web Reporting
A web-based secure reporting environment. Allows to build custom reports using Reporting Services, save, and run them with a pre-defined set of parameters.
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Jul 2008
Internal Procurement Workflow system
A workflow system designed to support a complex approval cycle for internal projects in a global aluminium production entrprise. Unlimited flexibility in building of custom approval sycles, multilingual support, financial analysis tools.
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Aug 2006
Guest House chain booking managements system
The system to collect and manage requests of stay at hospital as patient or guest. Ability to set location and room available, gather Check-in and checkout as well as financial information and printing an invoice. The system incorporates administration are and significant set of reports.
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May 2006
Lost Luggage Delivery System
The system is designed to allow Airlines to log in and track the delivery of baggage misplaced by the airlines. It coordinates the pickup, delivery, and tracking of baggage by third party delivery companies. It also allows the entry of Delivery companies, and their drivers.
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May 2004
Medical Claim Management System
A client-server system for bill entry and review, bill repricing, application of State Fee Schedules, UCR prices and other bill review rules. The system also allows case management, cost management, PPO directory maintenance and other tools necessary for a successful Medical Claim Management company.
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