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Eye Exercise App With Eye Tracking

2 months
Eye Exercise App With Eye Tracking

Project Summary

We have developed an app which uses eye tracking to help users perform eye exercises to prevent visual impairment and prolonged eye strain


Mobile app development


1 Project manager
1 Machine learning developer
1 Full-stack developer

Target Audience

Children with eye conditions
Frequent smartphone and computer users


Eye exercises have been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective and easy to adhere to ways of preventing visual impairment in children and adults. Eye exercises help strengthen eye muscles, relieve eye soreness and headaches.

Eye exercises include eye rotation, moving eyes from corner to corner, up and down. Adherence to traditional exercises, which are often presented in a form of written instructions, is low as they lack an immediate reward for exercise completion and can be confusing due to their written nature.

Turning eye exercises into an interactive game which helps motivate the user to complete them every day, while being easily accessible at any time via a smartphone, greatly increases adherence - the most important aspect of any exercise.


We have developed Eye Warm Up - an app which features eye tracking and gamification to help users perform eye exercises and track their progress through their smartphone anytime anywhere.

Eye Tracking

Eye Warm Up takes advantage of deep learning and facial recognition to make eye exercises fun and game-like. Modern facial recognition algorithms allow to track where the user is looking with high accuracy, as well as track their eyes in motion. This makes tracking how accurate the user performs eye exercises easy and intuitive for the user themselves.

The app features a number of exercises which motivate the user to move their eyes in multiple directions following a shape on the screen. Eye Warm Up guides the user through each exercise, showing their accuracy score and giving them feedback after each completed exercise.

Exercise Gamification

To track progress over time, the app saves all exercise scores and history and has an option to send it through email which can be helpful for tracking how children interact with the app.

To improve user retention and adherence to eye exercises, the app features gamification: users can choose to receive notifications which will remind them of their daily and weekly goals, gain points for every completed exercise and for completing a whole set, as well as track their progress through exercise history.

The app can be used by itself for eye training or can be integrated into an existing digital system.

You can find Eye Warm-up on App Store

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