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About us

Businessware Technologies has been providing custom business productivity solutions since 2003. Our core values are high quality services, transparent pricing and effective communication.

What sets us apart

We've been in software development since 2003

For nearly two decades, BWT has been helping customers from the USA and Europe bring their ideas to life, starting with simple mobile apps all the way to multifunctional corporate portals. All this time, we've been accumulating professional experience, which now allows us to solve your tasks ever faster and more effectively.

Over 90% of our customers have worked with us before

We value long-lasting business relationships with our clients. By providing high quality service we earn our clients' trust that results in decades of fruitful cooperation.

We specialise in complex business solutions for enterprises

Through our work with large businesses, we have gained important insight into complex processes specific to enterprises. This not only allows us to develop products more efficiently, but also understand our customers on a deeper level and offer unique solutions to their problems.

Do you dig technology? Speak the same language with us

We have 90 highly qualified specialists in our company, two thirds of whom have eight or more years of work experience. Our developers' professionalism is acknowledged in 138 Microsoft certificates. We are working with the most up-to-date technologies - Node.js, React Native and augmented reality. We practice an agile approach to development, including Scrum. Describe your project and receive an assessment within 24 hours.

How We Work

Project Kickoff and Discovery

Project Kickoff and Discovery

Project Plan
Already know what you are looking for? We will present you a Project Plan with our time and cost estimation.
Got an idea but don’t have a specification yet? We will consult you on the technology stack and system optimization to help mold your concept into a Vision.
Not sure how to solve a problem? We will help you shape your idea into a concept that later will become a spectacular project.
Commercial offer
Finally, we will send you a commercial offer including the system description, cost and time estimation, and development process details.


Full spectrum
Our team of designers, analysts, developers, QA-engineers and support specialists covers every stage of development.
We stick to Agile approach in development which means fast response to requirement changes and stable delivery. 
QA activities are performed during the entire product lifecycle. Our QA engineers make sure that every part of the system works like clockwork.
We sent regular status updates by establishing a regular meeting schedule and being available for any questions via email.

Going live

As soon as the development stage is complete, we are ready to go live! Prior to the release we setup the production environment for the finished product to launch to, and submit the application to AppStore and Google Play if necessary.
With the finished system we also create a pack of documents such as user guides, manuals, instructions of any kind depending on your specific needs.
The last thing is to perform smoke-tests to make sure that the system works as it should. With this done, the project goes live!



For the duration of the warranty period, we will fix any bugs or problems found in the system after launch.
New functionality can be added to the system post-launch with ease. We will discuss the specifications, give an estimation and develop a new feature in due time with the same agile approach we have been using for the project development from the beginning.

Our Team

Oleg Kokorin
Oleg Kokorin

Dmitry Glotov
Dmitry Glotov

Dmitry Gavryukhin
Dmitry Gavryukhin
Head Of Business Development
Dmitry Kokodeev
Dmitry Kokodeev
Team Lead
Jury Nogay
Jury Nogay
Team Lead
Gregory Nikolaev
Gregory Nikolaev
Team Lead

Let's Work Together

Do you want to know the total cost of development and realization of the project? Tell us about your requirements, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.