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Optimizing routine meetings with SharePoint

More productive meetings
Automated room booking and notifications
Optimizing routine meetings with SharePoint

Project Summary

There is no denying that time is money: the more business processes you are able to automate, the more time can be converted into profit. If you have many recurring meetings that are difficult to manage because they demand too much preparation from your team members, SharePoint might be just the right tool for you.

Case Study

This project was created for ALROSA, a world leader in diamond mining with thousands of employees.

The procurement process is structured in a way that requires regular committee meetings held to discuss potential purchases.

Previously, the committee received all purchase related information in a .zip file by email; consequently, every committee meeting was held to discuss only one purchase to avoid having too many documents pertinent to different purchases simultaneously. This kind of routine led to several issues:

  1. The committee could discuss only one proposal per meeting and therefore had to hold many meetings;
  2. The room needed to be booked manually;
  3. Notifications to the members of the committee needed to be sent manually.

The company approached us and we automated the process. Here is what changed:  

  1. The committee works with several purchases during a single meeting session: now less meetings per month;
  2. All purchase-related information can be found on the portal and used easily during discussions;
  3. The meeting room is booked automatically;
  4. The notifications are sent automatically, saving the administrator a great deal of time.


This project can be transformed and applied to many different cases: it can help any company that wants to make various meetings and discussions easy to manage and raise their productivity. This SharePoint automation allows for a great degree of flexibility without sacrificing convenience: it’s cheaper and was an optimal instrument for this project.

Disclaimer: BWT does not own any rights to the app, the imagery or the marketing materials of the described app. All rights belong to ALROSA.

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