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Chat and Video Call Apps

We provide solutions for reliable and secure feature-rich chatting apps for all platforms. From secure text messaging apps to video conferencing platforms - our team can solve all of your online communication needs.

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Standalone or Integrated

We develop apps that are feature-rich and follow the latest trends in online messaging. Our team are experts at developing apps which can be used as a standalone product or as a module integrated in another system.

Voice and Video Calls

We have developed a number of video call apps that allow users to set up video conferences. We develop chat apps that make communication through video easy and quick.

Any Platform

We create chat apps for any platform and any device. Our clients can choose between a native and cross-platform app to get the best suit for their needs.

Security and Privacy

We develop messaging apps that are secure and keep your data safe. Our apps can feature end-to-end encryption to make the exchange of sensitive corporate information safe.

Feature-rich Chat Apps for Any Need

From consumer chat apps to encrypted messaging apps and video conferencing apps for large businesses - our team are experts at developing applications for any need.

Internal Corporate Messaging Apps

Corporate messaging is very different from regular messaging as employees share confidential information. Corporate messaging apps should be reliable and secure so as to not let any sensitive information out. Over the years, we have mastered end-to-end encryption and have created apps that are both easy to use and secure enough for corporate use.

Video Streaming

Our team are experts not only at developing video call apps, but also video streaming systems that can be used on their own or as part of a chat app. Video streaming can greatly enhance a regular video chat app, be used as part of a monitoring system. Coupled with computer vision, video streaming can serve as a powerful tool for event detection for both consumer needs, like patient monitoring, and industrial needs, like monitoring processes to detect abnormalities.

Chat App as a Module

Standalone chat apps are not always convenient, and for many businesses it is far more efficient to use integratable modules. We help our client develop chat and video call apps that smoothly implement into any existing system for an enhanced workflow.

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