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Hire a computer vision software development team

Backed by many years of experience building dedicated computer vision software, our team at Businessware Technologies helps businesses develop custom video and image analysis software for computer vision systems. We build bespoke computer vision software that can perform face detection, object and movement recognition, video and image classification.

Dedicated computer vision development

Thanks to many years of software development in various areas, we have gained invaluable technical competences, which we use and constantly improve to provide the best services and build excellent computer vision systems


We provide AI-powered OCR development services that enable businesses to scan data from physical documents and gain insights. Our AI-driven OCR solutions are effective at digitizing content, capturing critical information, and providing actionable insights for better decision-making.

Image Recognition

Businessware Technologies provides object detection and classification solutions, featuring high processing speed without sacrificing performance. We apply machine learning and deep learning methods for face detection and analysis, pattern matching, and machine vision

Video Analysis Systems

We develop systems that analyze video data, including in real time, to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. We leverage our expertise in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence prototyping to implement robust video analytics solutions.

Audio Analysis Software

Any sound data can be presented as visual data and analyzed using computer vision methods. We build machine learning models to classify and describe audio.

Technology stack

Core ML

Bringing Computer Vision Systems to Life

If you are looking to hire a dedicated computer vision development team, look no further - we are your full-cycle software development company focused on delivering cutting-edge computer vision solutions

Text and symbol recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a powerful tool that not only allows to transform scanned documents into editable and searchable data, but also solve complex symbol recognition tasks, like extracting handwritten data, analyzing technical drawings and floor plans, etc. We couple OCR with machine learning to provide the best solution for our clients.

Health and wellness software

The potential of computer vision in healthcare is huge as medical diagnostics relies heavily on the study of images, scans, and photographs. We have developed systems which use computer vision methods to augment wearable medical devices.

Security and continuous monitoring

Computer vision enables continuous monitoring of processes that take a long time or are otherwise difficult to observe for a human. At Businessware Technologies, we develop systems that are capable of continually monitoring and analyzing video data, detecting events and sending alerts.

Document recognition software

The advances of computer vision allow us to make great strides in easing the burden of document analyzing. Companies that process thousands of documents, like receipts, invoices, forms, statements, and contracts, can benefit greatly by introducing computer vision systems into their workflows.

Marketing automation software

The ability to break down images into datasets has become crucial to digital marketing. Marketers who integrate computer vision into their marketing efforts will gain the opportunity to improve campaigns, influence buying decisions, and enhance customer experiences.

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