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AI For Forest Fire Detection

6 months
Camera control
AI For Forest Fire Detection

Project Summary

A forest fire detection service powered by computer vision. Detection of fire in real time through web cameras, alerts, integration with meteorological services, and more.


AI validation services
AI product development


1 Project manager
2 Machine learning engineers

Target Audience

Fire and rescue services
Emergency services


Forest fires are one of the most devastating natural disasters, prevention and timely reaction to which is highly prioritized in many parts of the US, especially in nature reserves. Our clients approached us to develop a solution for automatic detection of forest fires in real time.


We have developed a computer vision system for detection of forest fires in real time using video feeds from web cameras. The system looks for forest fire signs, like smoke of flames, and sends alerts if a fire is detected.

Fast Neural Network Development

The neural network which is the basis of this project, is a product of First Step AI — a no-code AI training platform. We have used First Step AI to train and test a neural network on a dataset of forest fire images, significantly cutting down on training time.

Real Time Event Detection

Our system receives images from web cameras situated in and near forests every minute, and looks for fire signs, like flames and smoke. If these signs are detected, the system sends alerts along with a camera recording to help the system user to assess the situation. Our system also blurs houses, cars, and other private property to protect citizen privacy.

Ranoramic Images Generation

Our system can control pan-tilt-zoom cameras via an in-build interface to survey the surrounding area in every direction. We have developed a camera control module to help users get a better view of the landscape, zoom in on the image, and more.

Using the camera control feature, the system can automatically create panoramic images by moving the camera around and snapping still shots of the environment, allowing the user to see a 360° view of the location.

We have implemented an image processing model to generate high-quality panoramic images from dozens of still shots taken by the cameras.

Meteorological System Integration

We have integrated a wind map and forecast system to help assess in which direction the fire is more likely to spread.


Our AI solution is currently used to detect forest fires in real time, automating an important emergency service and helping fight natural disasters.

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