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Data Scraping

We are well-versed in the development of modern, quick, and effective data scraping tools. Whether you need a standalone data extraction application or a module to add to your existing system - we are ready to help.

Data Extraction For Every Need

We create data extraction tools for projects of any size and complexity

For Webpage Scraping

Webpages are the most common subjects for data scraping - and we are well aware of that. We have created numerous web scrapers that extract data from national online databases, social media websites, complex dynamic websites, and more.

For Dataset Creation

Our AI expertise makes us great at developing data scrapers suitable for AI projects. We develop scraping tools that extract data ready to be used for machine learning model training or augmenting an existing dataset.

Marketplace Scraping

Top-notch approaches to scraping data from online marketplaces

Products and shops

We build robust tools for extracting data from online marketplaces, including product information, shop or vendor information, product categories information, and more. Our scraping solutions are equipped with proxies, user profile switching, and automated Captcha solving for continuous operation with no interruptions.

Online Reviews

We utilize the power of AI to build NLP systems capable of processing high volumes of text reviews and performing sentiment analysis and aspect extraction. Coupled with our text generation expertise, we create full-cycle marketing solutions capable of creating high quality marketing and advertisement materials

Data Scraping Tools On A New Level

Feature-rich Data Extraction Tools

We deliver compatible, interactive, and fully optimized data scraping apps capable of processing large amounts of data quickly. We create scraping tools with extensive customization functionalities for the highest quality of data extraction.

Ease Of Use

Every system and app we create is user-centric - we strive to create great human experiences. Data scraping systems are not an exception - our clients love us for great UX and UI, simple interfaces, and no-fuss data processing.

Any Extraction Format

There are no limitations to exporting formats. Our tools can perform postprocessing of extracted data to ensure the data you get at the end suits your needs perfectly.

Data Scrapers Of Any Complexity

You give us the project outline - we do the rest. We are ready to take on projects of any size and complexity. We perform research and create prototypes to ensure the product you will get is of the highest quality.


We are an AI-focused company, and our expertise makes us excellent at making sure the systems we develop are compatible with AI. Data scraping tools can be invaluable for creating and augmenting datasets, and we can tailor our tools to suit your AI needs.

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