Health And Fitness App Development Services

Modern Apps For Health And Fitness

We help healthcare and wellness industries to overcome limitations of a traditional face-to-face interaction model and seamlessly transition to digital services. We build innovative and modern solutions for patient care, helping health providers all over the world to improve their care.

Innovative Healthtech Solutions

Full-cycle Development

We offer full-cycle software development to all-sized businesses and startups in the fitness and healthcare industries. We bring our years of experience in developing custom software to create the best health-focused apps for our clients.

Bluetooth Devices

Be it a portable fitness device allowing the user to workout using their phone or a medical device for measuring a patient’s vitals - we can develop a system that works seamlessly with any device through Bluetooth

Effective Backend

We not only create consumer apps that are easy to use, but create admin apps and document management systems which make our apps run smoothly.

AI Integration

We can develop systems that incorporate machine learning to bring our apps to the next level or to solve complex tasks like image recognition or eye tracking. Our clients enjoy the latest advancements in machine learning.

Health and Fitness Apps that Help You Grow

Augmenting Medical Devices

Traditional medical devices can be enhanced by creating software powered by machine learning for easy data interpretation, like interpretation of on-screen medical data. Alternatively, a mobile phone can be turned into a medical device using artificial intelligence, for example, using a phone’s camera to detect the level of blood oxygen.

Consumer Apps with Gamification

We develop health-focused consumer apps that allow the user to turn routine activities, like exercises, into a game, increasing adherence to the prescribed activity. Coupled with computer vision and augmented reality, wellness apps that we develop become a staple part of a wellness routine for many.

Video Monitoring for Patient Care

By developing video streaming and video call apps for healthcare providers, we make patient care easy and efficient. Our team can develop a system of any complexity and size, both for mobile and desktop versions for easy access everywhere.

Effective Document Management

The medical field is plagued with extensive paperwork that can be a nightmare to manage. We have helped numerous clients to bring order into their paperwork chaos and manage their patients records and medical insurance claims more effectively.

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