3D tooth scans and models exchange system

3D tooth scans and models exchange system
The purpose of the system is to automate the handling and exchange of tooth scans and 3D models between Dental Company from USA and remote implant constructing laboratories.
Duration: 1000 hours
Date: May 2017


A Dental Company from USA creates teeth scans and then exports these scans to remote laboratories from around the world. Lab's task is to create correct 3D models and send it back.

After verification at the Dental Company side, the remote Lab constructs an implant and sends it to USA.

The implemented portal system allows managing of remote labs, users, and specific cases. In addition, it provides control over the whole data exchange process and support the related workflow including Quality Assurance processes.

Beneath the user interface, the system contains a number of specific services, responsible for Incoming and Outgoing file transfers over Secured SFTP (SSH FTP), providing the data exchange reliability, security and performance.

System implementation included specific environment configuration and setup, supporting an active work process including large file transfers (~500 Tb of incoming and outgoing traffic every day). A special file transfer queue provides guaranteed data delivery and verification of consistency.

The first version of the system was delivered at the end of 2016. The final version in production was launched in May 2017.

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