Admin System For Smart Locks

Admin System For Smart Locks
Smart home systems gain popularity every year. We were approached to develop a system for an admin app which is used to perform maintenance services.
Date: Apr 2021


Our client is a developer of software for smart devices, like smart locks. The systems that manages the locks consists of two parts on the user’s end:

  • a client’s app which is used to open and close smart locks
  • an admin’s app used for lock maintenance

Each admin’s activity is organised in a form of a task tracker - as the admin completes each task, it is ticked off the list. Each task consists of actions that need to be performed with the lock, like retrieving data from the device, accessing the event log, and updating lock software. The admin gets rights to access each of these actions only while performing a task as this ensures lock security and allows to track and manage the actions of each admin. However, sometimes the admin needs to perform additional actions which are not included in the task originally to fix the issue with the lock.

We have developed a ‘Quick Access’ system for admins to quickly get access to actions which are not included in a particular task but need to be performed to complete maintenance services. The system needed to not only be quick, but secure as well, allowing the admins to get access to additional actions only for a limited time and within the limits of the task.

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