Booking.com/Expedia.com Synchronization Service

Booking.com/Expedia.com Synchronization Service
The purpose of the service is to synchronize available rooms and options across several widely used booking systems.
Duration: 500 hours
Date: Feb 2017


We have developed a service to synchronize hotel data between different booking channels, such as hotel website, mobile application, and booking aggregators that include Booking.com and Expedia.com.

The use of booking aggregators is important for hotel's brand recognition, but the cost of the usage is high. Therefore hotels do not offer all of their rooms on all the channels, and here the synchronization service comes into play. It allows a hotel to manage the availability of different offerings through different channels to maximize its profits.

The service allows to:

  • Synchronize rooms availability and offerings;
  • Synchronize rooms rates;
  • Manage additional options' availability and prices (like extra bed, breakfast etc.).

The source of the data is a hotel's internal database. The service pushes the information updates to the external channels and at the same time feeds the internal system with the bookings made using Booking.com/Expedia.com.

The project's complexity came not from a from technical or programming side. The hardest part was the integration with the booking aggregators, that provided close to no support and specifications to their integration APIs. The integration also required very specific measures to be taken to ensure data integrity and security compliance.

The service was launched into production in February 2017 for several hotels within an European hotel management group.

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