Central Point

Central Point
Rebuilding the cloud storage with cutting edge Microsoft technologies
Duration: 1000 hours
Date: Jul 2015


Central Point is a cloud storage deployed in Nytec inc. in 2003 by Businessware Technologies. The main purpose of the storage is to organize employees collaboration allowing them to work together on the same projects at the same time. We developed it using Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 that was an advanced technology of that time.

As time passes, technology advances, and Central Point needs to be upgraded. So in 2015 Businessware Technologies was tasked to rebuild the cloud storage using the latest version of .NET Framework, to upgrade several components (such as client-server interaction) and to improve the storage usability. As a part of the migration we've replaced legacy client-server communication subsystem based on .NET Remoting with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).

UI was simplified and we tried to make it more clear and intuitive. Also we rebuilt all the elements of cloud storage, that are responsible for security. Therefore storage became more stable and protected.

Project implementation is divided into 3 stages:

  • Rebuilding of the storage on .NET Framework 4.5;
  • Storage integration with Microsoft Outlook, because communication via e-mails is vital for collaborative work (sending and receiving documentation);
  • Creating mobile clients for easy access to the storage via mobile phone on any of three most popular platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

For now the first stage is finished. Other two are coming soon.

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