Life Lines — A News Aggregation App

Life Lines — A News Aggregation App
With the huge amount of information coming our way everyday, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the current events. Our client, a new local startup, has decided to put an end to this and create a platform which would automatically gather news articles from different websites and present them in one cohesive timeline with various filtering and search options.
Date: Jun 2021


The app works by aggregating news from major online news websites, excluding ads, and augmenting them with tags and keywords, and linking them to other news articles from different sources and showing how the subject matter evolved over time.

The news feed is highly customisable and allows the user to choose which websites are used as news sources and set the following preferences: local or world news, news themes, keywords and tags.

The user can save and bookmark news articles they have found interesting or important. The app also supports offline access to the news feed for when access to the internet is limited.

One of the key features is news history. Each news article contains information on how the subject matter evolved over time across different news articles. When the user opens a news article, the app provides links to all related news pieces in chronological order so the user can see the full history of the subject matter over time.

Another important feature is the “Other sources” section present under every news article. The app automatically shows news articles on the same topic from different websites, so the user can get a well-rounded look at the subject matter.

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