GPT-3 Based Text Generation App For A Marketing Agency

GPT-3 Based Text Generation App For A Marketing Agency
Artificial intelligence systems have evolved to the point where they can work with natural language on mostly the same level as a human. The area of applications of such systems are endless. Anywhere from extracting customer sentiment from social media platforms to generating original content on a given topic - there are pretrained models that can do all that quickly and to a good quality. However, working with the more advanced language analysis and generation models requires a high level of skills and a lot of experience of working with artificial intelligence. We have had the chance to work with the most advanced AI model made for processing and generating natural language - GPT-3.
Date: Apr 2021


Our client decided to take advantage of the latest developments in natural language processing and has come to us with an interesting project aimed at automating the market analysis. Our goal was to develop a system that would determine customer pain points and determine what people like and don’t like about similar products already on the market. This information would then be used by marketers to create promotional content aimed at the target audience.

The system had to receive a website page describing the product in question as input, determine what the product was, gather the public’s opinion on similar products and determine main advantages and disadvantages according to the customers.

The system we have developed greatly improves marketing efforts as the text produced at the end is based on real customer opinion, while the quality of the generated content makes it indistinguishable from human written ones. The system has great potential in not only aiding marketers in creating content, but creating content altogether. As natural language processing and generation tools get better, the need to spend hours writing marketing texts greatly diminishes allowing more time for creativity.

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