Mobile app for remote video monitoring

Mobile app for remote video monitoring
We have developed an app for remote monitoring of 3D printing processes. The app streams real time video of a 3D printer to a user's phone and sends alerts when a printing process goes wrong.


To detect malfunctions early, our client provides a SaaS video streaming service to help monitor the printing process in real time, allowing anyone with a 3D printer to remotely observe the operations. One of the most common failures is called ‘spaghetti’ - when a printer’s nozzle gets stuck, the material starts to come out in an uncontrollable manner forming structures visually similar to spaghetti.

We were approached to create a mobile app that would mirror the website’s functionality to make the service more user-friendly.

We have developed a cross-platform app based on WebRTC and Janus Gateway. The app not only shows the stream, but also includes all of the relevant information available about the process - time to completion, printer temperature, printer status, etc.

The app is augmented with artificial intelligence that automatically detects various malfunctions, like spaghetti or model dislocation, and sends notifications to the user’s phone to let them know something might have gone wrong.

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