Mobile application for diagnostics of the vehicle and fast repair services

Mobile application for diagnostics of the vehicle and fast repair services
Mobile application with car diagnostic option and aggregator of the vehicle service stations, where client may choose the best one and communicate with it online.
Duration: 2800 hours
Date: Apr 2016


The goal of the project was to automate transfer of a car's data to the service stations and to let the car owner chose the best service station based on their quotas and other parameters. We have created a mobile application for iOS and Android for car owners and a web application for service stations to accomplish that.

Mobile application

There is an OBD scanner that has to be installed in a car via OBDII socket so that the car data can be gathered and transferred to the mobile application. Whenever the car's computer detects a problem, like the engine oil has to be changed or the brake pads have to be replaced, the information is sent to the mobile application and the car owner is notified.

The owner can send the problem information to all the service stations around and receive their bids that include time and cost of repair. The application further helps to choose the best service station based on their status (authorized dealer, service center, etc.), their geographic location, and other criteria. The user is able to accept a bid from a service station. He will be able use the app to monitor the service progress and even pay for the services once they are completed.

The application stores the information about all services performed on a car, making it readily available whenever necessary.

Web application for car service stations

This web application is used by the service stations to participate in the aggregated repair network. They are able to monitor incoming requests for service, prepare and submit bids. Once a customer accepts a big, the application is used to report the progress of the repair.


Mobile application has been developed for 2 mobile platforms: iOS and Android. Project envelops a lot of technologies like: Realm, Google Maps, PlayMo, Crashlytics, GPUImage, CRToast, SDWebImage, SMPageControl, Reachability, iOS SDK, Android SDK, GCM, APNS, Bluetooth SDK (Android), Dagger2, Retrofit2, EventBus, OBDII.

Web application based on Flux architecture. User interface was built using framework React.js. Application has material design that is popular on Android devices. However, servicemen may open this application on iPads.

Web application is asynchronous with backend and always shows real-time information, some of processes go on the background and inform user with small popups (toasts) about events like errors or if they are completed.

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