Pharmaceutical Company Secondary Sales Planning System

Pharmaceutical Company Secondary Sales Planning System
The system is purposed for the secondary sales planning all over the single country, involving all of the drugs and different sales channels.
Duration: 4000 hours
Date: Oct 2016


The System supports the whole sales planning process, which includes sales planning for financial year and for the separate quarters. The process is not simple and requires approval of several levels of corporate hierarchy. In addition, it uses a number of additional services and algorithms purposed for automatic prediction based on different scenarios.

It all starts with configuration of the available drugs, forms of drugs, different sales types and, the most important, from correct structure of the regional nodes. At the top of the node - the country, then it goes 5-7 levels deeper finalizing with more than 5,000 of separate nodes. In addition, the system operates with 15-20 drug forms and several sales types. It means that each planning process results with ~1,000,000 of planned values.

The complexity of the system was in high performance requirements, because main planning module allows to operate with the whole set of data, to perform automatic prediction based on different math algorithms and taking into account the sales history, seasons and a lot of other conditions. Considering the fact that 20-50 users may work with the system at the same time, we had implemented the In-memory DB maximizing the calculation performance.

The final version was launched in production in October 2016. Right now, the system is in use and keeps evolving.

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