Vendors Assessment System

Vendors Assessment System
The system supports the process of the Vendors and related affiliates assessment (including financial risks, reputation etc.).
Duration: 1500 hours
Date: Aug 2017


The customer is an international consulting and investigative firm specializing in FCPA, due diligence, internal investigations, litigation support and forensic accounting. To provide due diligence more effectively to the clients the following system was developed.

This system allows users to screen, manage, analyze, report and track third parties and subjects. The aim is to mitigate organizational FCPA, M&A, and other risks in any business field.

There are four levels of vendor's assessment:

  • Corporate registration verification, registration record details and inclusion in sanctions lists;
  • Social media analysis;
  • Criminal records, bankruptcy and solvency records, corporate affiliations and directorship;
  • Credit data, financial records and source interviews.

The developed system allows supporting the whole process starting from client's registration and up to on-going monitoring of already assessed earlier vendors and affiliates.

The system supports a number of clients. All clients can manage their company's profiles by themselves:

  • Manage users;
  • Create vendor/affiliates cases;
  • Defines research options;
  • Get and review the results of research and assessment.

The vendors also participates in the process by completing the specific questionnaire form online or using downloadable PDF file.

Administrators and user of the customers track and manage the rest of the processes including research, results reports, monitoring and notifications. After assessment cis completed, client decides itself whether to trust vendor or not.

The application supports several languages (English, Chinese, Russian, French etc.) and allows involving and processing vendors from different countries.

The version in production were launched in August 2017.

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