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Corporate app for an international company

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Corporate app for an international company

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The mobile app is a crucial part of the employee's working process: we made the system as hospitable and multi-functional as it can be for quick access and ease of use. Employees can log in using their domain credentials or their mobile phone number. If the latter is the case, they should report the number they want to use to the accounting department and then change password as soon as they get in. Different people prefer different log in options, and the app is ready to accommodate all of them. The system itself is quite complex, and it includes a number of modules:


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Our client is an enterprise company with many events happening across its multiple branches and subdivisions. A conference took place? The company president awarded exceptional employees with a letter of gratitude? You can read all about it in the “News” module in the app as it pulls the information from the Sharepoint-built corporate portal. People can leave comments and likes using their smartphones and discuss events: their actions will be synched back to the corporate portal. It allows all employees to be in the same information field and participate in the internal events of the company they work in.

List of employees

As we have already mentioned, our client is a big company with thousands of employees. Imagine trying to find someone you have not worked with yet – a task nearly impossible if you don’t have some form of handbook. Luckily, the mobile app has just that: a comprehensive searchable list of employees with all the necessary information: name, surname, position, phone number and where one can find them. It saves a great deal of time and allows people to connect and start working together faster.


Feedback is a crucial part of progress and evolution: you can’t get better without listening to your users and constantly improving. That is why there is a whole unit in the system dedicated to receiving messages from the employees where they can describe what bothers them in the process or what could be done better. They can even attach pictures to their messages to make sure they are correctly understood. Everybody gets an opportunity to play their part in making the working process more comfortable and user-friendly.

Leave an Inquiry

Probably the most complex and at the same time most needed and frequently used part of the system. This unit allows employees to order any official document or certificate they might need, including a salary certificate or a report, 15 document types in total. Previously this could be done only via corporate portal but not all of the employees are working from the office, so many just came to request a document in person. To simplify the process and make it more organized and trackable, the app adopted this workflow, and now it functions like clockwork. Employees see the status of their inquiry and receive a notification when they can come and get the document they ordered. Despite the fact that not all the departments are working with this part of the system, the app automatically decides how to process the inquiry from the employee and flawlessly navigates the complex hierarchy of the company’s subdivisions.

Employees can also order reports that includes graphs and statistics or even awards. We integrated the system with SAP that generates said reports. Any employee can generate the report they need and open it immediately on their smartphone as a .pdf. We are currently integrating this module into the “inquiries” so that if an error occurs, the department responsible for processing inquiries can investigate it in detail. Paperwork of any complexity becomes considerably easier to handle when there is a solid system to support the process.


Polls and Feedback modules go hand in hand: there is no better way to collect opinions in a concise and representative way than polls. Admins can make polls specifically for their target audience: for certain subdivisions, departments, locations or only for employees that occupy the same position. When the poll is completed, admins get detailed reports for future analysis. Considering the size of the company, targeted polls with comprehensive statistics come in handy when you want to know the opinions of thousands of people – or, on the contrary, of a selected group of 50.


The app was developed using cross-platform technologies such as Xamarin, and fully supports both iOS and Android. Backend is built using .NET, and for the Feedback module we utilized .NET Core. We also used Quartz library to deal with timed tasks. The app is responsive and easily scalable to satisfy the needs of an enterprise company without much sweat.


Even if your company already has a corporate portal, there is always a place for an internal mobile app. It can translate many portal features into easy-to-access format that will help your employees save time, simplify the formalities and naturally include them into the life of your company.

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