Complex sales planning

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Complex sales planning


Different sales prediction scenarios

Our sales planning system can include simple, linear and nonlinear, and seasonal prediction scenarios depending on the needs of your business. You can pick and adjust the prediction algorithms that are relevant for your industry, time of the year or sales region.

Processing large amounts of data

We develop sales planning solutions that are able to process large amounts of data in a short amount of time. Quick data processing and real-time access to important sales data is what we strive for when designing our systems. 

Hierarchical report approval

To avoid confusion between low-level and high-level sales managers during planning, our systems can feature hierarchical report approval. Reports are automatically sent according to hierarchy of sales managers unique to your company, saving time and effort.


Our sales planning systems are designed to be easily scalable to accomodate any amount of data and any sales planning style.We develop systems that grow with your business and its needs.

What you get

Reduce human error

Streamline your sales planning by automating processes prone to human error. Sale prediction reports are sent to a wrong manager and missing data in the reports lead to confusion and time delay. Automated sales planning system improves sales prediction accuracy.

Save time

An automated report approval system, hierarchical planning and notifications organise the sales planning process in an effective way, saving you valuable time.

Maximize your profit

Increased accuracy of sales planning leads to better budget management and evaluation of sales managers’ performance. Our systems help businesses discover their weak points and improve upon them.

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What we offer

Fully Custom Software

Fully Custom Software

We develop fully custom software solutions that are created to solve problems unique to your company. You get full control over the features and decide which are necessary for your workflow.


We have vast experience of developing software solutions to complex business problems. We deeply understand business struggles and the best ways to solve them.
Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

Using a system designed to perfectly suit your business gives you an advantage over companies who use off-the-shelf solutions. Our systems grow with your business, not the other way round.
Ease of implementation

Ease of implementation

We make sure that our solutions are easy and quick to integrate into your business processes. Seamless transition from the old way of doing things to a new one is our priority.

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