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Advanced Enterprise Portals

Enterprise portals serve an important role for large companies as a centralised source of company data. Portals can include a great variety of subsystems dedicated to managing different aspects of business. We specialise in a development of advanced enterprise portals with extensive functionality for large companies.

Custom Enterprise Portals for Your Business Needs

Security Management

Company portals can have security management functionality. Manage visitor pass requests and checkpoint security through the portal, store relevant visitor’s data and manage levels of access to different building or units.

Company Meetings and Events

Organisation of events and meetings through a company portal makes the process easier and faster. Book rooms, send notifications to meeting participants, and upload documents relevant to the meeting.

Portal Customization

We strive to develop systems that are highly flexible by giving our clients an ability to edit the portal navigation and portal users themselves. Edit page transitions, menu, navigation hierarchy, and more for a portal perfectly suited to your needs.

User-friendly Design

We design enterprise portals to be intuitive, easy to learn and use. This helps companies to transition smoothly from an existing portal into a new one without complications and user confusion. Simple, intuitive design improves employee interaction with the portal.

Internal Communication

Send emails to individual employees or employee groups without leaving the portal. Get notifications about upcoming company events, meetings, and changes in user profiles. Rapid and effective communication - all within one system.

Easy Document Processing

Smart document processing systems that simplify document storage, manipulation and search. Upload and assign documents to projects, search for relevant documents and send them to your colleagues all with a couple of clicks.


Building Pass and Checkpoint Services

Enterprise portals can be integrated with a checkpoint system for easy access to data on issued passes. Coupled with image recognition, the visitor’s ID can be processed within seconds to issue a pass.

Document Review Systems

Document processing workflows with multiple steps and multiple people involved are prone to mistakes piling up, making the document review process difficult. A properly implemented review system will keep track of all changes, have multiple levels of access rights and greatly decrease the time needed to process documents.

Convenient Document Storage and Search

Large volumes of data, mainly documentation, often slow business processes down. Optimization of data management can be a powerful tool on the path of business success.

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