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Secure Internal Document Viewing System

3 months
Intellectual property protection
User session tracking
Secure Internal Document Viewing System

Project Summary

A system for secure internal documents viewing to reduce data leaking and improve employee training experience


Desktop software development


1 Project Manager
2 Full-stack developers

Target Audience

HR departments


Our client has an important task of training its employees using internal documents, like guides and manuals, often large in size put together over the course of multiple years, containing highly valuable and difficult to obtain information for the industry. Over time several documents have been leaked by employees and ended up in the hands of our client’s competitors, which highlighted multiple security issues:

  1. There was no way for our client to track which employees were interacting with the documents and when they were doing so,
  2. There was no way to prevent competitors from getting access to the documentation, and when data leaks happened, there was no way to track down who did it,
  3. The documents could be accessed by the employees from any device and from any location.

Our task was to create a system which would protect the documentation from unauthorized access, prevent data leaks, and streamline the employees’ interaction with the documents, making it leak-proof for the client and simple and intuitive for the employees.


We have developed a system for secure document viewing which provides a convenient experience for the employees while discouraging them from sharing the documents with the outside world by implementing several security measures.


Each employee has an individual profile they can log into to interact with the system. Each session is tracked, and we have implemented several security measures to prevent suspicious activity, like multiple session logout and log out after a certain amount of idle time.

Secure Document Viewing

The documents are uploaded into the system in a searchable PDF format and are then separated into pages for easy viewing experience. Text highlighting and copying are disabled, and each document is protected with watermarks of the username designated to each employee. This way, if the document were to ever be leaked, the perpetrator could easily be identified. The system is only accessible from a local network, assuring additional security.

Admin Panel

Admin user accounts have more rights - they can upload new documents, manage access rights and user activity, and restructure PDF documents by putting them through an additional algorithm in case the standard one provides substandard results.


The system has completely eliminated document leaks while turning the employee training into a convenient and simple process for both the employees and our client. The system we have developed implements the latest security standards, protecting our client's intellectual property with the highest efficiency.

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