Mobile luggage delivery application

Mobile luggage delivery application
Mobile app to help couriers deliver suitcases from airport to the passengers.


This mobile application is a complimentary project for the Luggage delivery system that we have developed before. This system was designed to allow Airlines to log in and track the delivery of passangers' baggage. It coordinates the pickup, delivery, and tracking of baggage by third party delivery companies. It also allows required access to delivery companies and their drivers.

With this mobile application, end users are able to interact with luggage delivery system via their smartphones. The mobile app has fewer functions than the web based system. The general purpose of the mobile app is to allow end users to execute delivery orders created in the system.

Our application allows couriers to:

  • Get orders for delivery;
  • Filter order according to their priority or other characteristics;
  • Mark orders as fulfilled;
  • Watch orders on the map - the application uses Google Maps with traffic filter applied, so the courier may use less loaded streets for delivery and save time;
  • Scan bar-codes of the luggage and change status of the order without searching for the order in the list;
  • In case no internet connection is available the app will store all the new data locally.

Application has been developed for 2 mobile platforms: iOS and Android. Also the app supports scanner Honeywell Dolphin 70e with Android 4.0.3.

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