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Luggage delivery system

Luggage delivery system
Orders management system integrated with airlines system allowing to track luggage delivery status.


The system is designed to allow Airlines to log in and track the delivery of baggage misplaced by the airlines. It coordinates the pickup, delivery, and tracking of baggage by third party delivery companies. It also allows required access to delivery companies and their drivers.

Extensive reporting capabilities of the delivery and accounting data are provided by Reporting Services. Mobile scanner device helps drivers to identify baggage by scanning barcode labels and sends statuses back to the system. The system provides Airlines with possibility to import baggage information via data feeds.


Luggage Delivery System is built with using three-tier client-server architecture. It consists of a presentation tier, a domain logic tier, and a data storage tier.

  1. The front end content is rendered by the user's browser. In addition, there is a barcode scanning mobile application developed on WinCE platform.
  2. A middle dynamic content processing and generation level application server are performed on ASP.NET platform. The application server contains web application, web services and windows services. Web services are responsible for interaction between mobile application and a server.
    In addition, web services and windows services are used for import/export procedures. The system utilizes Network Load Balancing Services to achieve reliability and performance needed to Web servers. Currently there are two NLB cluster servers with ability to increase the capacity by adding another server into this virtual cluster.
  3. A back-end database, comprising both data sets and the database management system software that manages and provides access to the data. There are two databases: main for operational data and another for archived data. Database synchronization between these two databases occurs every minute. It is near real-time synchronization. Archived database is used for reports generation only. Database server cluster consists of two separate servers with common disk drive. Such solution provides high level of fail-safety and accessibility.

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