AI Validation Services

Validate Your AI Idea

Every great project starts with an idea. It needs to be tested and assessed to determine if it is feasible and worthy of time and money investments. Our team can help you identify the risks and provide clarity for your project.

What We Do

Analyse Dataset Quality

Our team analyses your dataset to assess its quality

Prediction Models And Accuracy Assessment

We build prediction models and review the accuracy results using industry-standard testing methods

Build an Initial Prototype

We build an initial prototype that will work as a proof-of-concept

Assessment Documentation

We compile a comprehensive overview of all the testing activities along with insights and advice on where to take your project next

What You Will Get

Dataset Assessment

We give feedback on how you can improve your dataset to get better accuracy

Prototype Testing

We test the prototype to tell you how far you are from your goal and how much money needs to be invested to maximise the success of your project

Receive Insights

Our team of AI professionals give you insights on the best way to implement your idea, describe various directions to take your project in, and give budget saving advice

Accurate Cost Estimation

We analyse the prototype and provide accurate estimation of the total development cost based on the direction you decide to take your project

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Why Do You Need To Validate Your AI Idea?

Check Idea Feasibility

Not every AI idea is feasible, and you need to make sure yours is before you invest in its development. The validation process allows you to avoid a costly mistake of spending the funds onto a project that will never come to completion.

Plan Your Budget

Rapid prototyping is the best way to get an accurate and detailed cost estimation. By using our project validation services, you will get a clear picture of exactly how much the project will cost.

Get a Professional Opinion

We are experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. A team of seasoned professionals are your best guides when it comes to the development of any project. We can give you insights into the best AI development practices and potential pitfalls.

Save Time On Backtracking

After we validate your project, we provide a roadmap which will make the project development process straightforward. Having a clear project outline will help you save time on backtracking.

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