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Mobile Luggage Delivery App

Mobile, Web
6 months
Mobile Luggage Delivery App

Project Summary

Mobile app to help couriers deliver suitcases from the airport, and airline customers to track their luggage delivery


Mobile app development Web system development


1 Project manager 2 full-stack developers 2 mobile developers

Target Audience

Airlines Luggage delivery companies


We were approached to develop an app for lost luggage delivery with extensive functionality: track luggage delivery, management of delivery companies and their drivers, and provide updates to customers.


The system is designed to allow airlines to track the delivery of baggage misplaced by the airlines. It coordinates the pickup, delivery, and tracking of baggage by third party delivery companies.

Using the mobile app, couriers can identify luggage by scanning the barcode label, starting the delivery process and sending the data to the airline. The data on current and planned luggage deliveries can be accessed by airline employees.

Customer App

Airline customers whose luggage got lost can use the mobile app to track the status and location of their luggage. The customers can request luggage delivery, adjust delivery time and address, as well as track the delivery in real time.

Delivery App

The delivery companies can track luggage delivery requests via a delivery app, assign drivers and couriers, and plan routes effectively using Google Maps with traffic filters applied.

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