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Progressive Web App For Equipment Rental Tracking

3 months
Rental process tracking
Progressive Web App For Equipment Rental Tracking

Project Summary

A mobile app for managing rented equipment at a ski resort on the go. Tracking of rented equipment, management of equipment repairs, automatic invoicing.


Mobile app development


1 Project manager
1 Frontend developer
1 Backend developer
1 QA engineer

Target Audience

Rental businesses Hospitality businesses Resorts and retreats


Our client is a large resort chain offering renting of equipment, like bikes, skis and scooters, to its customers. The process of tracking equipment rental was inefficient as the process was not digitized. In addition, the client needed a system employees could use on the go without the need for a desktop.

We were approached to develop a mobile-based rental tracking system which would run on any smartphone and support the rich functionality needed for tracking large amounts of items.


We have created a progressive web app for equipment management, including tracking the renting process, equipment repairs, and invoicing.

Ease of use

As the app needs to run on many different devices, we have decided on developing a progressive web application due to the benefits it brings. The app doesn’t need to be published in app stores, therefore its development is faster, less expensive, and the app will be easier to update. PWA takes up less space on a mobile device while loading much faster which is critical for customer service.

Equipment rental tracking

When a customer wants to rent equipment, the employee scans a QR code to add it to a list of currently rented equipment as well as to the customer’s invoice. A list of currently rented equipment can be modified in case a customer changes their rental order by renting more equipment or returning a rented item back.

Once an item is rented, the app automatically starts tracking time to calculate the final rent fee. Once the customer returns the item back, the app automatically generates an invoice based on the time and equipment price.

Equipment repair management

The app helps employees maintain equipment in good condition by automating the equipment repair process. When an employee detects equipment breakdown, they can send a photo of it to a repairman for assessment, after which the repair request can either be accepted or denied.

If the request is accepted, the app tracks the repairments process changing equipment status and availability. Once the repairs are done, the employee in charge can assess the results along with repair documentation all within the app and either mark the request as completed or send the item back for additional repairs.

Equipment database management

Employees can easily edit information on existing equipment, like location, availability, renting price and more.


The app is currently used by employees in multiple resort locations, and has already shown to significantly improve the renting process for both customers and employees. Customers get faster service while employees can track equipment and its condition more efficiently.

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